In response to heat related illness and injury, OSHA has instituted a Heat Illness Prevention Campaign to educate employers and workers on the dangers of working in the heat.

The Campaign includes:

  • General education about heat illness,
  • Employer responsibilities for keeping workers safe in the heat, and
  • Worker rights and information about working in heat.

The Heat Illness Prevention Campaign site includes numerous resources, including links to OSHA publications related to heat and other agency resources related to working in the heat.

If your employees are exposed to dangers associated with working in the heat, consider developing and implementing a Heat Illness Prevention Plan so you are prepared in advance of finalization of OSHA’s proposed standard for Heat Injury and Illness Prevention.

In addition to employer responsibility to protect employees from injury and illness under federal OSHA requirements, state agencies may have specific regulations and requirements related to working in the heat such as:

It is important to monitor worker activities giving consideration to aspects that may increase the risk to employees, such as use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and level of physical activity, and implement protective measures necessary to keep employees safe.

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