Audit and Consulting Services

Navigating the ever-shifting challenge of regulatory compliance does not have to be a burden you carry alone. From in-depth compliance audits and environmental consulting services to peer review of compliance reports, VBA Compliance Assurance is your partner for Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audits, Permitting, Reporting, System development, and Compliance Assurance.

Every auditor you work with from VBA is a senior auditor. Our team offers a combined 100 years of environmental consulting experience, and we have worked in all 50 states on state-specific regulatory requirements. Our team follows regulatory actions daily and is committed to continuing compliance education so we can offer you the most up-to-date knowledge on proposed and final regulatory actions, along with modern environmental compliance tools, successful environmental permits strategies, and comprehensive environmental plan development. Specific services we offer include:

  • Environmental Compliance Services, including: Outsourced EHS services, Turnkey EHS services for startups, Aquisition/Divestiture Needs, Expansion/Project Compliance Planning
  • Compliance Auditing & Assessment, including: Regulatory Compliance Audits, Record Retention and Information Management Audits, Consent Decree/ Records of Decision Audits, Corporate Policy and Procedure Audits, and Management System Audits
  • Compliance Management, including: Regulatory Plan and Program Development, Development of Management System, Change Management Programs, Corporate Policy & Procedure Development, Training

If you are looking for a compliance partner that can perform a comprehensive environmental compliance audit and proactively help you maintain compliance and safe practices, contact VBA today.

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