Environmental management systems (EMS) that stand the test of employee rollout and last over time must be customized to your facility and comprised of maintainable processes. Whether you need a simple management system for one facility or a complicated management system that covers multiple locations, VBA Compliance Assurance can develop and help you implement expertly tailored environmental management systems and solutions to:

  • Meet corporate requirements
  • Enable you to obtain a specific certification such as RCMS or ISO 14001
  • Audit implementation of an existing management system to identify gaps
  • Develop new or review existing systems to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements of a specific standard or set of regulations

Our knowledge and experience with environmental regulation and compliance allows us to quickly identify and develop solutions that can be built into a management system that meets company goals while empowering regulatory compliance. We examine all elements of environmental management system compliance inputs, including reporting, notification, documentation, employee protection, environmental protection and best practices management to develop a comprehensive solution.

EMS services we provide include:

  • Management system development and implementation
  • Responsible Care Management (RCMS) Management System
  • Corporate requirement management systems
  • Environmental management system audits and gap assessments

VBA’s team of senior compliance auditors have over 100 years of combined experience developing elements of or complete EMSs, assisting with EMS implementation, and assessing a facility’s compliance with the requirements of their EMS. All employees are seasoned compliance veterans with decades of experience across a wide range of industries. Our employees also have CPEA certifications in auditing and management systems, and you will communicate directly with the expert performing your work.

A management system from our team is a sound course of action that will ensure continued compliance and environmental and worker protection, help you meet all deadlines and requirements and improve the integrity of information submitted. Ongoing support from the VBA team will help you identify future regulatory action that may impact your facility, with timely updates on regulatory changes that will specifically impact you.

Environmental Management System Development Process (sub-section)

Our process for developing new systems or performing environmental management system audits begins when you contact VBA. One of our experts will discuss your needs and the path forward we would recommend. From there, we go through the following steps for every project:

  • Extract a full scope from your team
  • Request and review additional information if needed to ensure the identified scope and provided proposal represent the best possible option and will result in desired outcome for your needs
  • Provide proposal for the determined scope of work. Our proposals always include:
    • Project scope
    • Tasks for completion and deliverables
    • Cost estimate
    • Estimated timeline
  • Implement scope in accordance with accepted proposal
  • Provide ongoing support, which may include:
    • Answering questions and supporting employee implementation regarding the developed EMS
    • EMS auditing services
    • Regularly updating you on regulatory actions that may impact your business so you don’t have to worry about falling out of compliance
    • Future environmental management system compliance projects, as needed

After your environmental management system has been developed and implemented, you can feel assured you have received an in-depth, robust system that embraces the mission statement and objectives of your company in consideration of practical solutions that fit into your corporate culture.

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