A Leading Environmental Compliance Company with a Personalized Touch

VBA Compliance Assurance (VBA) is an environmental compliance company that has been providing environmental, health and safety (EHS)  compliance audits, consulting, and management system services to domestic, international, industrial and commercial clients since October 1994.

We set ourselves apart from other environmental consulting companies by providing practical, timely, and valuable services of the highest quality through our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. VBA professionals have extensive compliance and auditing experience across a broad range of regulatory and corporate programs and industries.

We specialize in services that assist companies with determining and meeting compliance obligations and achieving company objectives and goals.

In the case of EHS compliance auditing, VBA reviews facility operations to determine compliance with regulatory requirements and/or corporate standards related to EHS. EHS compliance audits can be multi-media (air, water, waste) or focused on a specific target (e.g., Safe Drinking Water Act compliance, hazmat shipping), and may include but is not limited to environmental, health and safety, hazardous materials transportation, remediation, chemical security, consent decrees/records of decision, and/or management systems.

Companies are faced with a complex web of regulatory requirements and public expectations, the nature of which demands that programs are designed to evolve to ensure continued compliance and corporate responsibility in a fast changing arena. As one of the top environmental, health and safety consulting companies, VBA professionals are adept at formulating and implementing tailored solutions that fulfill compliance obligations while being practical for company needs and operations.

VBA believes that knowledge and understanding at a basic level are essential for companies to make smart decisions and implement programs that promote continued compliance. To that end, our environmental compliance company focuses on explaining compliance obligations in clear and concise terms with the goal of providing companies with the knowledge needed to maintain compliance on a day-to-day basis while working toward sustainability goals.

VBA understands compliance challenges that must be addressed while continuing to operate a successful business, and pride ourselves on our ability to develop and foster long-term relationships that allow us to assist our clients with each new challenge, each new day.


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