Environmental Compliance Program & Consulting Services

Figuring out which federal, state, and local environmental regulations may impact your business is not a burden you have to carry alone. Let our experts identify what regulations apply, and work with you to develop a practical environmental compliance program that protects your business and helps you remain in compliance.

VBA Compliance Assurance offers experienced senior professionals in all areas of environmental regulatory compliance, environmental permitting and reporting, applicability determinations, etc. Our subject-matter experts have in-depth experience and knowledge of specific topic areas and offer tailored services to help you:

  • Answer questions about specific environmental regulatory requirements
  • Identify through completion of applicability determinations what environmental regulations apply to your business using our in-depth knowledge of state, federal and local regulations
  • Develop and implement a personalized environmental compliance program to comply with environmental regulations and/or corporate expectations
  • Help you transition compliance obligations and regulatory programs during an acquisition or divestiture
  • Determine the appropriateness and best strategy for alternative monitoring requests
  • Develop environmental compliance plans and programs and  implement plans and programs for effective organizational compliance
  • Review chemical usage and management to assist with chemical compliance
  • Complete permit applications, regulatory reports and notifications,  regulatory plans , and other related environmental compliance consulting tasks
  • Fulfill obligations for environmental site assessments and/or regulatory compliance due diligence associated with acquisitions

When you request our help in managing your environmental compliance requirements, our team becomes highly invested in your company’s success. We ensure you receive an in-depth assessment of all operations to identify applicable regulations and compliance obligations. We design compliance solutions to achieve regulatory compliance while maintaining a practical solution that makes sense for your operations. Implementing a sound course of action to ensure continued compliance and worker protection is not just a recommendation, but an expected outcome of our work.

Our team offers over 100 combined years of environmental consulting experience, and we have worked in all 50 states on state-specific regulatory requirements. Our team follows legislative and regulatory actions daily and is committed to continuing compliance education so we can offer you the most up-to-date knowledge on proposed and final regulatory actions, along with proven and industry-accepted environmental compliance tools, successful environmental permits strategies, and comprehensive environmental plan and program development.

We have substantial experience in assisting companies with environmental compliance obligations and due diligence associated with new plant construction, expansion, acquisition or sale. Our ongoing support means you never miss a potentially impactful regulatory action. If you are looking for a compliance partner that can identify compliance obligations and proactively help you maintain compliance and safe practices, contact VBA today.

If you are wondering, “Do I need an environmental permit?” the answer is likely, “Yes.” Before you begin work on a new facility, as you expand or change existing operations, or when holes in environmental compliance permitting are identified, you will need to assess the need and apply for various types of permits. Each permit application is unique and has its own review process. Much like an accountant helps increase the likelihood that your taxes will pass muster, VBA can act as your environmental permit consultant and prepare, submit, and help increase the chances that your environmental permit applications are complete and accurate, and that permits are approved and issued on schedule.

Examples of our permitting services and EPA permit applications include:

  • Air operating permits and air construction permits for all source categories, including Title V permit applications
  • Permit exemption documentation
  • Permit renewals and compliance assistance
  • RCRA and waste management permits
  • Storage tank permits and registrations
  • Underground injection control permits and registrations
  • Water discharge permits, including storm water permits, wastewater permits, treatment system permits, NPDES permit applications and industrial wastewater discharge permits, (a.k.a. water pollution permits)
  • Water withdrawal permits

We can manage communication with regulatory agencies to streamline the permitting process from application to permit issuance. All permitting documentation we submit is accurate and complete, and truly reflects your current operations or intended project details, whether we are submitting a storm water permit, hazardous waste permit, air permit, NPDES permit, or any other permit.

Our team has been successfully obtaining permits for clients for over twenty years. If you need help with any type of environmental permitting, please contact us today.

Applicability determinations are used to identify what regulatory requirements apply to business operations, activities and equipment. Applicability determinations are useful for tracking compliance obligations for existing operations, for determining if compliance obligations change as a result of a newly issued rule or rule amendment, or for identifying compliance obligations associated with a facility change or new operation.  VBA can review all operations, activities, and equipment to identify regulations that apply, including environmental regulations under EPA, state, and local rules; transportation regulations under hazardous materials (HAZMAT) transportation requirements (e.g., Department of Transportation (DOT) rules); or any other regulatory, corporate or national consensus standard.

Our team of experts can recommend if an EHS applicability determination is appropriate—in other words, answer, “Which environmental rules apply to me?”—and handle the regulatory applicability determination process, walking you through all the intricacies. We stay up-to-date with federal, state, and local regulation changes so you can be sure your applicability determination will be based on the most current promulgated laws and requirements.

Examples of specific types of environmental regulation applicability determinations we work with include:

  • Corporate requirement applicability determinations
  • DOT applicability determinations, including HAZMAT applicability determinations
  • Environmental applicability determinations

We also provide:

  • Applicability assessment tool development, including compliance tools and compliance calendars
  • Documentation of negative applicability and exemptions

Please call or contact us today to determine applicable environmental rules.

From annual environmental reports to TSCA inventory reports to emergency planning notifications, reporting and notifications are a major part of staying compliant with various regulatory obligations. Reporting before deadlines, filling out accurate and complete reports, making notifications within required timeframes and complying with documentation requirements for all applicable regulations are key activities for minimizing your risk of agency inspections and fines.

VBA Compliance Assurance is a go-to resource for reporting required by applicable environmental regulations. We help you maintain compliance by submitting complete and accurate data, meeting reporting deadlines, filing required notifications, and keeping your company in good standing with regulatory agencies. From submitting your EPCRA Tier 2 or TRI (Form R) reports, to hazardous waste reports or discharge monitoring reports (DMR), we have you covered.

Examples of common recurring environmental reports and required environmental notifications we develop, review, and submit documentation for include:

  • Air emissions reports and emission inventory reporting
  • Compliance certification reports
  • Discharge reporting and notifications
  • EPCRA reporting, including Tier II (Tier 2) reports and TRI/Form R reports, and emergency planning notifications
  • NESHAP/NSPS reporting and notifications
  • Permit compliance reports
  • TSCA reporting and notifications
  • Waste generation and management reporting, such as hazardous waste reports and RCRA permit reports
  • Hazardous waste generation notifications
  • Water discharge monitoring reports (DMRs)

As a trusted partner to companies with some of the largest reporting burdens in the country, we can be counted upon to ensure regulatory deadlines have been met, requirements fulfilled and all documentation accurately reflects current operations.

Get started on filling out your reports and notifications today: 636-458-3382 or contact VBA.

As environmental planning consultants, we develop custom regulatory programs and/or plans that ensure you comply with applicable environmental regulations. We use our decades of experience working in all 50 states across the US to help customers develop practical, actionable environmental compliance systems that meet regulatory obligations and industry guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • Spill prevention plans, including EPA-required Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans and state-required plans for preventing and containing spills or releases
  • Facility Response Plans (FRPs)
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) or P3 Plans
  • Slug Plan/Discharge Control Plans
  • Waste Contingency and Minimization Plans
  • HAZMAT Oil Spill Response Plan
  • HAZMAT Security Plan

In addition to regulatory-driven plans and programs, VBA can assist with development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), inspection plans, and other plans and programs to design a framework for implementation of compliance obligations.

The process we follow for developing these environmental compliance programs begins when you contact VBA so that one of our experts can discuss your needs. From there we identify your goals and make recommendations based on our knowledge of regulatory requirements and your operations and specific needs.

At the conclusion of the project, you can feel assured you have received an in-depth, accurate and regulatory-compliant program or plan designed for your operations and with continuing compliance in mind. Any new solutions we help you implement protect your business and employees for the long-run by meeting important compliance deadlines with accurate information and effective processes.

Environmental programs, spill prevention plans, plans required by issued permits, full environmental plan development and more; we are here to help you gain and maintain compliance. Ready to partner with VBA? Contact us here or email [email protected]